Classic Granite Slabs GTA: Get Inspired with Natural Stone

Classic Granite Slabs in the GTA: Get Inspired with Natural Stone

Do you hear natural stone and immediately think, "no way, I can't afford that!"? Well, you are wrong. Contrary to popular belief, classic granite slabs are more affordable than ever. Gone are the days of only the elite upper class being able to enjoy the grandeur of natural stone. In fact, most brand new housing developments seek to include granite or marble in an effort to increase home value and give the majority of society what they want and need within a new space. Keep reading to learn about the types of granite slab available in the GTA and how a natural stone investment will surely prove worthwhile.

History of Granite

Granite has been used and sought after for centuries. This natural stone is very hard and granular in texture, hence its name.  The ancient Greeks and Romans popularized the use of granite within the home and helped it earn its opulent reputation, as it became a staple in the homes of the rich and elite. Today, granite is quarried all around the world and is rather affordable for those who wish to invest in natural stone. 

Types of Granite Available in the GTA

There are a number of different types of classic granite available in the GTA. Here are the most popular:
  1. Dark brown: Many homeowners opt for neutral shades like brown and tan in order to guarantee resale value and ease of maintenance.
  2. Greys. Both dark and light grey are trending in home design circles, especially when it comes to natural stone. Be weary of stylish ideas, however, as they often go in and out of season. Be sure to choose something that can be considered timeless and classic within all social circles.
  3. Unique and multi-dimension patterns. Luckily, granite comes in all shapes and sizes as well as an array of unique colours and patterns. Many homeowners are opting to install one-of-a-kind slabs in order to add that wow-factor and pizzazz to an otherwise bland living space.

Installation Process

Homeowners should never attempt to install granite on their own. Leave it up to the experts in order to ensure proper handling and security.
Here is what you need to know: 
  1. Plan ahead. The most popular types of granite must be ordered far in advance in order to secure delivery and, in some cases, importation from various countries throughout the world.
  2. Hire an expert to ensure that pre-existing cupboards can handle the weight and pressure of natural stone before making a financial commitment. It would be a shame to have a large piece of granite slab delivered to a home only to find that the kitchen is not stable enough for proper installation.
  3. Do market research. Be sure to survey all options available and make an informed decision on which company you would like to complete the installation process. The best purveyors of natural stone will have a wide variety of patterns available to view and consider. Do not commit to the very first company you find, but rather shop around in order to guarantee satisfaction.

Visiting a Local Showroom

One should visit an expansive showroom prior to any sort of financial commitment. Due to granite’s unique and one-of-a-kind nature, a potential buyer needs to see and judge the beauty of natural stone in person. A picture or small sample simply will not do it justice. A great distributor will also make the visit without worry or pressure, offering great (and free) consultation advice. Do not wait another moment – book an appointment today!